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Background: -
Guna Trading House-PLC, as one among founding members of the corporate entity of Endowment Fund for the Rehablitation of Tigray [EFFORT]. The company is established according to the Ethiopian comeericial code 510ff in 1992 G.C. It is legaly registered as "GUNA TRADING HOUSE PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY" and its trade mark is legaly protected in the ethiopian patent authority certeficate No. 4653. Guna is established with a paid up capital of 10 million USD.

It is engaged in export, import, distribution, and business representation/commission-agency activities with an average annual turnover of 100 million USD.

The company, to facilitate its service-delivery, uses modern systems, and administers more than 300 responsible, well qualified & experienced employees.The head Quarter is located in Addis Ababa behind the Jakros residetial units Geriji Bole sub city kebele 14/15.

    Mission Statements
“To be one of the leading import-export trading companies by satisfying customers' needs, so as to boost Owner's equity.



   Vision Statements
“Globally competitive house of products and services wtih a billion dollar turnover by 2020 G.C.”


 Business Objectives:-

  • To be prominent for its reliable service delivery.
  • To build competent workforce through introducing capacity development programs.
  • To play a leading role in the country's foreign trade.
  • To be one of the main distributors of agricultural and industrial inputs and products.
  • To contribute to the development of an ethical trading culture in the country.
  • To maximize wealth by entailing on major business lines that contribute to the growth of the nation's economy.
  • To maximize shaeholders' equity.
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